Ultimate Skin Torso

€ 229,00 Incl. tax
Delivery time: 5-10 days national shipping // 5-14 days international shipping
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The ultimate look with the Ultimate Skin Torso

In just a few moments, the Ultimate Skin Torso transforms your chest into a fantastic, feminine décolleté! All without glue or other aids. Simply Ready2Go!

Ultimate Skin Torso - easy to use

This custom-made breast prosthesis torso guarantees you a transformation in a few moments, because you can just put it on and take it off like a bra!
Practical velcro closure
Close the Ultimate Skin Torso with a customizable velcro closure. The whole thing is super fix and can be adapted to any body shape!

Your Ultimate Skin Torso gives you security

No slip and push more. Thanks to the breast prosthesis Torso, everything stays in its place!

The Ultimate Skin Torso is available in two different versions
Round Style
The Ultimate Skin Torso in round style impresses with its crisp, round shape and conjures a beautiful, sexy lingerie.
Drop style:
The Ultimate Skin Torso in Drop Style captivates with its natural, very slightly hanging breasts.

Your cup size is always dependent on your measurements. Therefore, the mentioned cups are only a guideline.
ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-size chart-625.jpg

Ultimate Skin Torso in Round Style

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-round-style 844-open-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-round-style 840-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-round-style 843-2-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-round-style 844-open-2-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-round-style 846-625r.jpg


Ultimate Skin Torso in "Drop Style"

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-drop-style 830-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-drop-style 832-2-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-drop-style 833-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-drop-style 835-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-drop-style 836-2-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-drop-style 836-625r.jpg

ultimate-skin-torso-silikonbrueste-drop-style rueckseite-closed-625r.jpg



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